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皇冠电子游戏网址:Ren Huqiang, general manager of Fortis Fund: FOF's vitality lies in resolving investor pain points

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内容摘要:Haitongtong FundRen Zhiqiang, general manager, said that the 20-year development of the fund industry in China has laid a solid foundation f...

Haitongtong Fund Ren Zhiqiang, general manager, said that the 20-year development of the fund industry in China has laid a solid foundation for the development of funds in the public offering fund. The vitality of the FOF lies in resolving the pain points of investors. The development of the public offering of FOFs will Provide ideas for the pension business. If investors only want long-term investment in a fund, it should invest in FOF.

Ren Zhiqiang said that in the second half of 2017, the first batch of six public FOFs was approved and set up, which can be said to be a gift to the 20th anniversary of China's fund industry in 2018. At present, the scale of assets raised in public funds in our country reached 11.62 trillion yuan. As of the end of 2017, the number of raised funds reached 4692, and the development of raised funds provided the soil for FOF investment management. After 20 years of exploration, the industry's regulatory rules are maturing. Coupled with the various fund companies Years of investor education, investors are not aware of the investment fund, investment matures, which are FOF products laid a solid foundation. The market space for public offering of FOFs can reach hundreds of billions or even one trillion, so it is blue ocean.

The emergence of FOF products addresses the core issue of investing - choice and timing. The number of public funds has been 4692, which not only provides the basis for the operation of the FOF investment, but also caused investors troubled by the selection of funds. On the other hand, in 2017, raised funds as a whole gained positive returns, but the differences in individual fund performance were very large. Therefore, relatively speaking, the manager of the public offering FOF has the professional ability advantage, and can construct the investment portfolio through a selection of funds to effectively disperse the market risk and achieve the target of asset allocation.

According to the empirical analysis of asset-liability asset allocation provided by the Fortis Foundation FOF Investment Department, from 2002 to 2016, the compound annualized rate of return for the 46th and the 37th of each year was the highest, reaching 7.48%, while the volatility The rate and the maximum retracement dropped sharply. This is contrary to some investors' perceptions that the higher the stock position, the better long-term returns are. FOF is an important broad asset allocation tool. Moreover, FOF managers can decentralize portfolio risks through preferred funds to play a role of cutting peak and valley and smoothing returns, and outperform ordinary investors in risk control.

Ren Zhiqiang believes that the potential of FOF does not stop there. Combining with overseas experience, FOF can also provide solutions for pension management.

He said that while pension funds are still in the conceptual stage, raised funds should practice excellent FOF management capabilities and apply such investment capabilities to the management of pension products such as social security and annuities when the conditions are ripe. At the same time, the public can also reach the long-term retirement savings goal by investing in the aged FOF. If accompanied by tax incentives, the future of pension FOF has the potential to change the pattern of market competition varieties.

In order to better develop the industry and FOF, Ren Zhiqiang made three appeals. First, he hoped that the market would provide more high-quality long-term performance-oriented public offering funds for investors including FOF, and more The second is to introduce relevant preferential policies as soon as possible so that pension-type FOF products can make due contributions to China's social pension business; third, we hope that the entire industry can work together to solve the double charging problem of FOF.





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